Health and Safety

With 10 years experience working in the high risk engineering and electrical industries. I have a sound knowledge base of health and safety requirements and can help you to implement your systems.

Full Summary

Since the change in health and safety legislation was passed last year, we have felt a big shift in what we need to do to comply with these standards.
Although the requirements are not a new concept, it has now become mandatory to supply health and safety documentation for many of the building firms and large industrial companies.

Why should I worry about trying to align with current standards?
As an owner of a business, you are responsible for the health and safety of yourself, and your staff. Under the current HSWA (Health and safety at Work Act), the owner of the business/the business entity, or otherwise referred to as the PCBU (Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking), has a primary duty of care to ensure their staff are adequately cared for. If it is found that the PCBU has not provided a safe working environment, and harm comes to the employee, there are now serious consequences to face. In the most extreme case the PCBU could find themselves facing incarceration.

For most people, health and safety isn’t something they have time for, or, it makes no sense at all.
I know how to utilise your existing systems to provide adequate paper work to meet current standards. I have had experience with many various health and safety systems i.e. HazardoCo, Site Safe, NRG and customer specific documents, which has equipped me with the tools to help you with your business.

Let me remove this stress and help make your jobbing process quick, easy and more streamlined.

What services can I provide?
If you don’t already have a health and safety policy, I can help you find a suitable option. As previously mentioned, I have worked with various other health and safety systems and will apply this knowledge to offer recommendations of which system would suit your business.

Once you have a health and safety policy, I can help you to implement:

Training Register

Training requirements vary between businesses. At a minimum you must show a commitment to understanding health and safety. I can help advise of formal training suitable to your business in your region. Once training requirements are identified, I can also help to manage the renewal and monitoring of training.

Site Specific Safety Plans

A Site Specific Safety Plan has now become a mandatory document for many contractors who are managing high risk or complex activities i.e. the building industry. By implementing basic monitoring systems you can quickly complete a Site Specific Safety plan when ever required. I can help you to understand the importance of these documents and show you how to manage these from initial preparation through to project completion.

Accident Register

The accident register records any accidents, as well as any near miss activities which have occurred within your business. One of the most important parts of this component of the health and safety system is to show that you have investigated these accidents and taken suitable action to help prevent those incidences happening in the future. These actions also need to flow through to other areas of the health and safety system.

Subcontractor Evaluations

Do you use other subcontractors on site? If so, you should be undertaking an evaluation of their processes to ensure that these subcontractors are going to act in a suitable manner on site. I can tailor basic systems, which are not time consuming, to ensure you are protected from other people.


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