Kia ora koutou,

I have recently been on holiday with my family to Australia and also attended a dear friends’ wedding in Bali during this time. It was such a wonderful experience filled with family, friends and a whole lot of fun.

Although we share our highlights and excitement from our time away it doesn’t remove the fact that it took a lot of hard work to achieve this milestone.

Every time I shared my excitement for our impending trip with friends I was often greeted with the words “you’re so lucky”. Each time I received this response I would acknowledge the fact that this holiday was two years in the making and came with many sacrifices along the way. I don’t say this to make those people feel bad, but more to highlight that times like these don’t just happen. They may ‘just’ happen for some people, but for the majority of us, it takes a long time to save the money needed to enjoy these experiences. It’s a sad reality that when we see our friends’ holidays and accomplishments throughout social media we automatically compare ourselves to them and wonder why we haven’t been able to do, or achieve these things yet. The problem is that we haven’t seen the hardships they suffered along the way, or the possible debt they may be in to make it to where they are. The other reality (in my experience) is that we need to work 10 times as hard to keep on top of our commitments to even consider the thought of having a holiday that is longer than a 3 day weekend. I knew that I was over committed and ‘time poor’ when I took on many new clients prior to my holiday but kept telling myself that it was everything would be alright and I could rest while on holiday. I was so focused on keeping my business growing that I completely ignored the effects it was taking on me physically and mentally. This holiday has not only brought me the fondest memories but has also reminded me to stop trying to do too much. I have preached about the problem with social media eluding us all and making us feel inadequate in some way. But on reflection, I see that this is exactly what happened to me prior to taking a break . I was working as hard as I could to achieve what I considered a ‘successful business’. I’ve done courses, set my values, and deep down know that success to me is having the time to take my children to school and supporting them at school events. It’s having a small base of clients to whom I provide excellent service to, and it’s having enough time and energy to contribute to our family to help us grow. I have counted that time as a blessing as it has helped me to press the reset button and I’ve come back to work happy and motivated. As with everything in life, we often have to experience such extremes before we can reinstate our equilibrium and bring back a state of normality.

I hope we can all step back and take in all the blessing we have in our lives today.

Be kind to yourselves and know that you are doing great with the cards you’ve been dealt.

Maunga aroha (much love), Little Biz Wiz